US incentive agency, May 2018

Pamela – Personal thanks to you for being ahead of the game on all aspectsRead More

Pamela – Personal thanks to you for being ahead of the game on all aspects of the program – you were always there to be sure coaches were set, meals ready, and last-minute changes were taken care of.  I do hope I have another opportunity to sell London – I’ll be in touch with Spectra immediately.  Many thanks to all who were involved with making this program such a huge success!

Judith  – It (weekend in Liverpool) was all perfectly organized,  everything neatly on time and a great assistant at the airport. nice guides during the Beatles tour.  All went well everyone was very enthusiastic, thanks for your help.

Dutch Football Club Supporters, March 2020

Schottland ist es eine aussergewöhnliche Destination für unsere Incentive Kunden und gerne werde ich mich bei ihnen für Schottland einsetzen und die Destination wärmstens empfehlen. Natürlich hat Spectra und Gillian tollen Job gemacht.Auf jeden Fall werden wir sie für zukünftige Reisen gerne berücksichtigen und wir freuen uns auf eine zukünftige Zusammenarbeit.  / Scotland is an exceptional destination for our incentive clients, and I will be happy to work with them for Scotland and warmly recommend the destination. Of course Spectra and Gillian did a great job. In any case, we will gladly consider you for future travel and we look forward to future cooperation.

German Agents’ Fam Trip – December 2019

Mark & Spectra in Scotland team –  We are pleased to present Spectra in Scotland with our 2019 Extraordinary Performance Award. Our internal and onsite evaluations have confirmed that your thought leadership, flexibility, responsiveness, excellence in operations by your staff and your partnership have exceeded expectations when compared to your peers throughout the industry. Your efforts, actions, and results enabled us to provide an unsurpassed experience for our client. Please accept this award for 2019, please display it proudly. Congratulations!

Motivation Excellence 2019 Extraordinary Performance Award

Susan and Anna –  Our attendees’ post-trip comments were overwhelmingly positive: “Scotland was a home run!”; “Best trip ever!”; “It was perfect!”.  Working alongside the Spectra in Scotland team was one of the most enjoyable experiences of my career – a lot of moving parts, a lot of detail and a heck of a lot of fun!  I can’t wait to do it again (and again, and again).

U.S. corporate group – October 2019

Mark, Pamela, Tracy & Sarah  – Your program operation for the London Conference was faultless – Spectra exceeded expectations and the tour guide was fantastic. All of the delegates provided overwhelming positive feedback to the program!  Spectra are the best DMC the client has worked with!

Australian medical conference – October 2019

Susan and Anna – The [Spectra in Scotland] team were absolutely indispensable in not only helping me put together a program and executing to plan, but ensuring that components of the program – from the activities to the venues to the gifting – were creative and thoughtful and, together, created a most wonderful experience and lasting impression of Scotland!

U.S. corporate group – October 2019

Mark  –  I have had very positive feedback regarding the tour and Sarah. In all honesty the best feedback I have ever had on a post tour. Thanks go to you for making it work so well – I will definitely contact you again!

Australian medical group – October 2019

Caroline – I’ve had great feedback about the trip to London. Everything worked very well. The bike ride was the highlight and they had an amazing guide. My client said it was the best guided tour he had ever been on!

Multinational construction company – October 2019

Judi – These customers are some of our most strategic accounts so it is really important that all the logistics go as planned and everything looks perfect.  Thanks to you, Carol and your team, we were able to do that…For the Tower Bridge, everyone had an amazing experience so thank you for helping us secure that space. Everything was on point and it was excellent. Thanks again and hopefully we will work together soon in another project.

Multinational technology company, October 2019

Giulia –  Everything on the tour worked out – the group really felt very well looked after. Again I wanted to thank everyone of you – you did a marvelous job!

Austrian media company, October 2019

Jarmila – Thank you so much!  We got a lot of great feedback and after we got a good attendance, it’s a success in my book.  You and your team were fantastic.

US Banking Sector client, September 2019

Susan & Anna – this is exactly how we think a DMC should work – absolute perfection from your end!  I just told everyone at our office that your way of working together with us on service, documents, cost-sheets, running-sheets etc. are the way to aim for!

Swedish corporate group, September 2019

Gary met every need we had and exceeded expectations for every request.  He always gave me all of his attention and truly helped make our golf program much more special than it would have ever been without him.  I am so thankful for his and Spectra’s access to the area, his time and his expertise in helping to plan and execute what is a once-in-a-lifetime golfing experience for many”


U.S. Business Leaders,  August 2019

Mark, absolutely wonderful working with you, you’re a great ambassador for Scotland, and Edinburgh is truly a special place.  Wonderful people to work with, too!

US Insurance Company, July 2019

Jarmila –  Thank you and your colleagues for making a very successful meeting and great program for our large group in London. Thanks for being there with me and my client 100% during the hectic days, checking program, suppliers and all involved. A wonderful cooperation with you, great guides and chauffeurs. The client is over thrilled … You did an outstanding job and you are a great partner , THANK YOU !

Danish Finance Sector Group, May 2019

Gillian, Anna and Gary: our events in Scotland were spotless and a huge success, this was thanks to your exceptional team, who was always there ready to help. My client was beyond satisfied and the guests were amazed by the stunning venues and wonders of Edinburgh, as well as the hospitality of its people.

Spanish Incentive House – June 2019

I cannot sing your praises higher – Both Pamela and Caroline were BEYOND AMAZING!

US biotechnology company – April 2019

Hi Miriam  – I just contacted the client to hear about the tour (to Edinburgh and Aberdeen). They are VERY satisfied with everything!  Thank you for a perfect arrangement and a very good cooperation throughout! I can recommend you to all our staff!

Danish public sector group, March 2019

Hi Gary & Gillian –thank you for helping me to plan a wonderful event. I loved the fact that the team got to experience a little bit of everything Scotland.. Highland games, falconry, drumming, piping, whisky tasting and tea and scones. The team had an amazing time!

US corporate client, March 2019

Dear Alan, I would like to thank you a million times for the great inspirational trip we had to London last week! It has certainly put London on top of mind again! The venues were amazing and surprising! Abbey Road Studios was an unforgettable experience, as it was promised to be. I truly hope to find a client to share this experience. Many thanks again and applause for you and your dedicated team!

Dutch Travel Marketing Company, February 2019

Pamela, I would like to thank you, your team and Spectra for your excellent assistance with two very important back to back events in January. Given the extremely short timeline to execute these two events, you did so with extreme professionalism, accuracy and creativity.  There were millions of changes and you didn’t miss a beat!  I enjoyed partnering with Spectra and found the experience to be pleasant and excellent.  I look forward to working with you on upcoming programs in the UK.

Multi-National Corporate Client, January 2019

Hannah – Our meeting in London was a huge success largely because of you and your team. From transportation to décor at the venue – truly first class. We are not the easiest client but Spectra made us feel at ease from day one and it carried through the event – THANK YOU!”

US corporate client, November 2018

Mark’s thoughtful and solutions oriented approach to problems and challenges, his knowledge of the travel options in Scotland and experience with American incentive programs makes him a perfect fit for one of our most important programs

 US Incentive House, August 2018

Anna, this was really a very successful program in Aberdeen  you suggested to the group. Thank you so much for all help with all the details and changes on the way. You did a great job!

Norwegian Group, April 2018

Tracy  –  Please extend our thanks to all involved… The whole program, from start to finish, was spectacular and the client could not fault anything… I know that this program was challenging in many ways, so the fact that everything came together so seamlessly is a true testament to how fantastic you all are!

Australian automotive client, July 2018

Gary – thanks for your OUTSTANDING assistance. You were at all times personable, professional and willing to always go above and beyond in making this a memorable trip. I will always recommend to my friends that they too should seek out Spectra for any assistance in travelling to Scotland

US Barristers, April 2018

Pamela – Personal thanks to you for being ahead of the game on all aspects of the program – you were always there to be sure coaches were set, meals ready, and last-minute changes were taken care of.  I do hope I have another opportunity to sell London – I’ll be in touch with Spectra immediately.  Many thanks to all who were involved with making this program such a huge success!

US incentive agency, May 2018

Gary – We  cannot adequately express our gratitude for your tour guide/driver. His knowledge of history, the sites that we needed to see, and the little things that would make our [Scottish Highlands] trip special was amazing.  Thank you for your selection of hotels and planning our trip with so little direction.  It was a trip of a lifetime!!!

US Lawyers, April 2018

Alan, just a short message to extend our gratitude to the Spectra crew for a fam trip well organized. There is nothing more to be said than it was truly a Magical Mystery Tour.  It was great fun, nice to spend time with you and very useful to see what Manchester and Liverpool is all about.

Norwegian Corporate MICE Agency, January 2018

Paul – I LOVE your team in Edinburgh!  The banter between Mark, Susan and myself  is precious and fun.  I only wish I could work with you guys 100% of the time.  You have a WONDERFUL team/company and it is really a pleasure to work with anyone from Spectra

US Insurance Company, April 2018

Pamela – thank you for all of your hard work, updates, photos and willingness to do whatever needed (punch holes in cards, find a fish bowl, get the video running on loop, etc.). I sincerely appreciate you make our events team and the company look good!

US corporate client, October 2017

Paul  – We’re proud to honor Spectra as an Inspirational Partner. Their high standards and attention to detail help us to deliver the excellent service our clients deserve. We look forward to continuing our partnership.

Global performance improvement agency, September 2017